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Some rare sounds by the Krontjong Devils
new songs below - last update: 24-jan-2000
The world we knew

When you are in posession of a RealAudio player
you can listen to The World we knew.
Zis composition is best know by a the singing sounds of Frank Sinatra who is a dead person now.
Zis fabulous track has not been selected by Telstar records to appear on the On Tour album.
Nobody really knows why.

Also we bring you Counterpoints as released on Locked in to surf part 2.
A baldheaded man of Alopecia records chose this track out of six far better tunes by the vermaledijde Krontjong Devils.
Nobody really knows why...

A very old example of the early talents of zis band. They play some Davy Allen song ze Krontjong Devils used to call pededep-pew. They weren't able to buy the nessecairy old amplifiers yet.

A wild and crazy song, not released because ze Krontjong Devils thought it to be too silly
Ajoen ajoen

Rare Indo. Made famous by Willie Wissink who is not a lucky man. He doesn't care though. And his son doesn't either.

Space creature
Spotnicks' tune that will bring tears of genuine emotion to your eyes. Zis tracks was meant to appear on a tribute to Bo Vinberg with ze Firebirds, ze Green Hornet, ze Beatkings but ze other masters seams to have disappeared. Abandon all hope.
Ze House in New Orleans

Live sounds from '92 when zey where just a very charming. Zey bring ze song "Ze house in new Orleans" in ze oldfashioned way.

Diamonds new
Diamonds - as yet to appear on spaghetti record which release date is uncertan due to lack of action in other participating bands. Zis is ze last track to feature Jan in a very distinctive role. He now lives as a hermit in Appingedam. Which is very nice. Appingedam is famous for its hanging kitchens.
Bird bath new

Birds bath, ze track zat misteriously appeared on ze free CD with ze magazine Continental Magazine.

To come

  • Live sounds from ze Krontjong Devils '98 comeback tour.
    If ze Plantman can produce ze tape
  • New songs written by Crazy Amadeus