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Romp Out



Hillsdale records 1996

The greatest thing to come out of Holland since the dutch treat!
When one thinks of the Netherlands, one usually thinks of chocolate, wooden shoes and cheese. While the Krontjong Devils enjoy all of these assets of their native land, they also carry one the fine Dutch tradition of Way Out Rock & Roll.
Long considered the capital of crazy music in Europe, Groningen (hometown of our boys) really shakes when the Krontjong Devils tke the stage at the Vera teenclub
Three guitars (yes I said THREE!) give the Krontjong Devils their powerfull sound. And when they sing, the swingers listen. These modern day Dutchers don't have their fingers in any dikes, but on the poulse of what the younger generation demands Way Out Rock & Roll. The kids havew spoken, and it's the Krontjong Devils from Netherville!
Riff Ryan KEWB, 6-9 am