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Krontjong devils utterly complete discography

Moovin'with the Krontjong Devils

4 song EP on black plastic.


Very enjoyable picture with an aeroplane at Eelde Airport. Look how young zey are...
Eelde Airport has been cut off by Schiphol Airport by ze way.Zis is a disgrace!

Kogar Records

Presenting the

4 song EP on black plastic.


Very raunchy music indeed but smiles all around on a badly sampled coverpicture.

Oetstar Rekkers

Romp Out!

4 song EP on green plastic


Very fine picture off ze boys acting like zey are rocking in front of an old traditional windmill. Notice ze sunglasses of ze guy 2nd to the right. Zey aren't real sunglasses but regular spactacles wrapped in aluminumfoil. Zey get away with it this time!


Trial nuts 

Splitsingle with a band that remaines unmentioned here.
Black plastic.


A picture off a bicycle on a messy cover. Poor ratings.

Knobbler Records

Locked into surf

Shitty sampler containing 1 track by ze KD, one by ze Firebirds too.


Locked into surf? Locked in ze looney bin!
A spaceship is not a surfboard ,
mister Sir Bald Diddley!


Surfin' sounds of the Krontjong Devils

21 song CD on mirror-like plastic, other side blue with letters


Wow, five sharp looking guys on a lonely beach, toting their guitarts like giant male gender protruberancies. Zis picture was actually taken in a forrest. Ze crashing wave was not really there at all. Ze boys had to act like is was though.
Good job zey did, too!

Rarity Records

On Tour

16 song LP on black plastic/CD with pictures on one side, mirror on ze ozzer.


Ze Krontjong Devils in their natural habitat. Cycling through ze flatlands with hung-over faces. 

Telstar Records

 Guitar Mania

 Ridiculous sampler containing 5 no good tracks by ze KD.


Ze guy on ze picture is to be seen to be believed. I don't believe it. Zere is a large price on his head already. He is on every sleeve of zis series. Every pose more credible zen ze ozzer! A true performer.

Rarity Records

Continental Magazine #7 Sampler

Free sampler with ze magazine which rambles on and on about music!


Simply wonderful sleeve . Very modern, very colorful


Takin'out the Trash

Zere is one very mediocre track by ze KD on zis ozzerwise totally listenable tribute to ze Trashman


Very nice drawings by Rip Thrilby on this cover

Double Crown Records